About FTCA

The Foreign Trade Commissioner’s Association in New York (FTCA), founded in 2007, is an alliance of over 100 foreign trade and investment agencies with offices in the New York region. These agencies all serve the same purpose; to encourage business between their country and North America. FTCA strives to build value for its members in New York, our constituents at home, the business community, and federal and local governments in the United States by providing opportunities to connect, learn, and share information.  We encourage you to reach out to any or all of the member agencies representing 77 countries from around the globe.


Daniel Bangser, Trade Commissioner & FDI Director North America, Switzerland

Vice Chairman:
Apostolos Digbassanis, Trade Commissioner of Greece

Peta Conn, Trade Commissioner, New Zealand

Pedro Pablo Aresti, Trade Commissioner, Chile

Rui Boavista Marques, Trade and Investment Commissioner, Portugal

Kristina Garcia, Managing Director of Hessen Trade & Invest, Germany

Hlynur Gudjonsson, Consul and Trade Commissioner, Iceland

Luc Lippens, Trade and Investment Commissioner, Belgium/Brussels

Ana Martinez Saez, Trade Commissioner, Spain

Edith Mayeux, Trade Commissioner, Belgium/Wallonia

Cheryl Packwood, Overseas Representative, Bermuda

Silve Parviainen, Commercial Attaché, Finland

Mildred Ruiz, Deputy Trade and Investment Commissioner, Mexico

Rose Sager, Trade Representative, Kingdom of Bahrain


Former Chairman of the FTCA:  2007-2012 - Hlynur Gudjonsson, Consul and Trade Commissioner, Iceland

FTCA Board of Directors 2014

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